EGM was granted funding in the Translational Research Project TRP line of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). This line is directed at joining basic research with the development of applications, which in the case of EGM combines artistic and philosophical research with the development of a software toolkit behind an interactive performance environment. On the present pages the project results in terms of the different components are described in more detail. They are: (1) conceptual insights in terms of Music Philosophy and Aesthetics, regarding musical experience; (2) artistic insights as arisen from the composition angle of the artistic research that took place; (3) designed EGM scenarios (SuperCollider patches) ready to be used in performance, future research, or replication; (4) a software application to record and view motion tracking data along with audiovisual data as characteristic of EGM explorations; and (5) the EGM archive: an audiovisual repository of the numerous exploration sessions conducted at EGM, open to be accessed for research purposes.

Dissemination of results took place in the form of publications and the international and multidisciplinary symposium Bodily Expression in Electronic Music BEEM

Project outcomes have also already led to artistic and therapeutic applications based on the knowledge gained and the developed technological environment. 

Magdalena Chowaniec in the EGM Aesthetic Lab (Photo: D. Peters)