Four aspects highlight the research and dissemination activities part of the EGM project during runtime (September 2007 until April 2010):

(1) A key part of the research method in which artistic research and philosophical research (esp. applied phenomenology) join is performed in the Aesthetic Lab. While much work in the aesthetic lab is self-contained and improvisatory in character (explorations of scenarios by dancers), a specific mode of work led to actual performances before audiences. A highlight here is

(2) the piece Bodyscapes (Eckel, Pirrò, Moar), another

(3) the development of Motion-Enabled Live Electronics.

(4) In 2009, the EGM project jointly organised a conference on Bodily Expression in Electronic Music, bringing together international experts in many fields relevant to the project’s topic: (computer) composition and improvisation, dance and choreography, phenomenology, aesthetics, musicology, philosophy of mind, and sociology of music.

A more detailed description of each highlighted aspect can be found under Aesthetic Lab and Results on this website.

Magdalena Chowaniec during an EGM exploration (Photo: D.Peters)