Project Overview

How can an embodied performance (one in which a composition is felt as if being “inhabited” by the performer) be achieved in Electronic Music? How can we understand more about the relationship between musical expression and bodily expression as being experienced by a listener? To advance practice and understanding regarding these questions gave direction to the “Embodied Generative Music” (EGM) project. EGM is a basic research project with integrated applied research in the spirit of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Translational Research Programme (TRP) funding line. EGM was granted funding from September 2007 to April 2010. Based at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics IEM, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz KUG, the research team consisted of project leader Gerhard Eckel, main researcher Deniz Peters, research/technical assistant David Pirrò, and contemporary dancer-choreographers Anna Maria Nowak, Alexander Gottfarb, Valentina Moar and Magdalena Chowaniec.

In collaboration with other dancer-choreographers (e.g. Alexander Deutinger) and involving exchange with a range of experts in diverse aspects (e.g. movement philosopher Jaana Parviainen, computer composer Ramón González-Arroyo, IRCAM’s interface specialist Norbert Schnell, and choreographer Rose Breuss) the EGM team conceived, designed, implemented, explored and developed an interactive performance environment to address these questions innovatively via a combination of artistic and scientific research.

The project so far developed and explored a range of virtual instruments (“scenarios”), resulting, next to scientific and public dissemination (see calendar of events and publications) in copious hours of exploration materials plus accompaning discussions, recorded in audiovisual-kinetic formats and available in the EGM archive. The present website is dedicated to introducing and giving an overview over the project’s ambitions, research methods and results.


Magdalena Chowaniec during an EGM exploration 

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Magdalena Chowaniec in Schwitters-Scenario (absolute position of 1 point)