Over the 32 months of its runtime, the EGM-project library was established, now counting 240 select titles from discourses central to EGM research (some keywords and disciplines: body, dance theory and history, embodiment, phenomenology, gesture, motion, memory, emotion, expression, philosophical aesthetics, interactive performance, electronic music, philosophy of mind, enaction) particularly to concepts that were collaboratively discussed with dancers, composers and philosophers in aesthetic lab sessions, and were then followed through in-depth. The library was open to EGM guest visitors and extended by them, e.g. by visiting researcher Jaana Parviainen. It has a separate location at IEM and is now open for future collaborative research activities. As a contribution in the sense of the FWF Open Access policy, we here make the project bibliography – additionally including hundreds of journal papers and other sources – available for download. The titles are also featured in the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz’s general library OPAC [], and can be identified by using the keyword “embodied” in the “Interessentenkreis” field within the advanced search mode (“Profisuche”).